Should I Close My Air Vents to Save on A/C?

Should I Close My Air Vents to Save on A/C?

Homeowners in the Charlotte area are constantly looking for ways to save on air conditioning costs. While we’re all for finding ways to increase efficiency and save you money, certain methods can actually cause your energy bills to go up, not down. So what about your air vents? Can you close vents in unused rooms in order to cut down on your A/C usage? Air Today is here to clear the air on this common HVAC question.

The theory: Closing air vents in unused rooms saves money

The idea behind closing vents seems logical enough to most savvy homeowners. Air vents allow cool, treated air to exit the ductwork and enter your home, cooling you and your family. However, certain rooms see little to no use throughout the year. Why would you want to spend money keeping empty rooms cool and comfortable? Better to use that cool air in the regularly used areas of your home, right? As a result, many people decide to close these air vents thinking they’ve just slashed their energy bills.

The reality: Closed air vents raise cooling costs in Charlotte

Unfortunately, the homeowner who tries to save money by closing air vents will be in for an unwelcome surprise. In addition to allowing cool air into your home, vents serve as a relief system for your home’s ductwork. Your HVAC system forces massive quantities of air throughout the ducts, and the air vents release that air so that the pressure doesn’t build up too much. Closed vents create extremely high air pressure, potentially causing damage to the HVAC system. In addition, this creates imbalances in your home’s air temperature, forcing the air conditioner to use even more energy to try and cool rooms with closed vents. So, take out the guess work and leave your air vents open year-round. Your HVAC system will thank you.

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  1. Thank you for talking about how keeping your air vents open can help you avoid damages to your HVAC systems. I can see that understanding how your system works can help you find the best type of events that will provide the proper type of air flow you need. Personally, I would want to consult with a professional to make sure I get the best quality vents that will last and add to the value of my home.

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