Why Do My Hardwood Floors Gap During Winter?

Why Do My Hardwood Floors Gap During Winter?

Have you noticed that your hardwood floors gap during winter? Why does this happen, and what can you do to prevent it? Read on to see what Air Today recommends to prevent hardwood gaps this winter in Charlotte.

Hardwood floors gap from low humidity

If you think you’ve noticed your floors gap more during winter, you’re not wrong. Wood naturally absorbs moisture, and the more moisture it holds, the more it expands. In winter, however, the relative humidity in the air is much lower. This lack of humidity causes wood planks to contract and shrink in size, so even the smallest cracks become much larger.

Low humidity issues in Charlotte

Maintaining proper humidity is important for various reasons. First, the more gaps there are in your floor, the more warm air can escape, raising your energy bills. Second, dry air can increase symptoms of colds and asthma, especially during winter. Finally, low humidity increases static electricity in the home, which is a major nuisance and can even damage electronics.

Humidifier benefits

Not to worry, your floors can be back to normal soon! Home humidity levels are manageable, especially with a whole-house humidifier. Whole-house humidifiers offer the most effective humidity control for homeowners in Charlotte. They work with the HVAC system to maintain ideal humidity levels in each room of the home. Call Air Today to see what a humidifier can do for you!

Use houseplants this winter

While whole-house humidifiers are the most effective devices for humidity control, there are plenty of options to raise your home’s relative humidity. Small, portable humidifiers are available at most department stores and are certainly beneficial to have around. In addition, houseplants act as natural humidifiers, releasing moisture as they “breathe”. Plants also filter the air and make it safer and easier to breathe during winter.

To learn more about whole-house humidifiers, call Air Today or click here!


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