Seven Tips to Save Energy This Spring in Charlotte

Seven Tips to Save Energy This Spring in Charlotte

Spring has finally made its way to Charlotte, and soon we’ll be cranking the A/C to stay cool and comfortable. Before the next heat wave hits, read Air Today’s blog for seven tips to save energy this spring.

Clean air filters this spring

One of the most simple yet critical things you can do to increase your HVAC system’s efficiency is to change its air filters. Install a clean air filter at the start of each month to save energy this spring in Charlotte.

Grill outdoors in Charlotte

Indoor kitchen cooking will make your home warmer and force you to use more A/C. Try cooking more outdoors this spring and summer to keep your home nice and cool.

Save energy with caulk and weatherstripping

Use caulk and weatherstripping to seal your home so your air conditioning doesn’t leak outside.

Preventative HVAC maintenance agreement

Professional maintenance is the secret ingredient to long-lasting HVAC efficiency. If you want year-round reliable and affordable cooling and heating, you need a preventative maintenance agreement that will keep your equipment in excellent condition for years to come.

Try ductless HVAC

Ductless mini-splits are highly efficient and easy to install in any home. Whether you need an HVAC system overhaul, or you just have one or two rooms that don’t feel quite as good as the others, ductless heat pumps are the way to go. Call Air Today to learn more about what mini splits can do for you!

Turn up the temperature

The lower you turn down your thermostat this spring and summer, the more energy you will use cooling your home. The thing is, you most likely will be just as comfortable if you turn up the temperature a few degrees.

Programmable thermostat benefits

Programmable thermostats save money by allowing you to cool your home only when it needs to be. This also makes them far more convenient than traditional manual models. If your home is still using manual thermostats, it’s time for an upgrade to programmable models.

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