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Do you share your house in Rock Hill, South Carolina, with pets? If so, you want to create a comfortable home for your loved ones who suffer from asthma or allergies. Paying attention to your HVAC system can help ease allergy and asthma symptoms triggered by pet dander and hair.

Vacuum Vent Coverings

One of the most persistent issues homeowners who live with pets face is animal hair — hair that makes its way onto the floors, onto the furniture, and into the ductwork. As animal fur builds up, it can become more difficult to remove without blowing it throughout the house and having it enter your home’s HVAC system. A regular cleaning regimen is essential to help you keep pet hair under control.

Each time your HVAC system turns on, trapped hair can re-circulate in your home. Vent coverings in your home’s floors and walls can collect hair in their openings. Besides regularly cleaning carpeting, floors and furniture, take time to vacuum the vent coverings in your floors and walls.

Replace the HVAC Air Filter Regularly

Homeowners with pets should replace their HVAC air filter regularly, not just once or twice a year. Air filters can easily pick up loose pet hair. When you allow that pet hair to build up in the filter, you prevent your HVAC system from functioning properly. As a result, it’ll strain itself to meet your demands and increase your energy bills. Change your HVAC air filter every month to prevent triggering asthma and allergy symptoms.

Invest in Air Cleaners or Purifiers

Pet dander is a significant contributor to asthma and allergy symptoms. Installing an air cleaner or purifier can help mitigate some of the issues with pet dander that can affect your home’s indoor air quality. That’s because they’re even more effective than HVAC air filters at removing allergens and other particle pollutants.

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