R22 vs. R410A Refrigerant: Which Should My HVAC System Use?

R22 vs. R410A Refrigerant: Which Should My HVAC System Use?

Warm temperatures are making their way into the Charlotte area, and that means it will soon be time to turn on the A/C . But does your air conditioner have what it needs to perform efficiently this spring and summer? What type of refrigerant should it be using? Here is Air Today’s guide to choosing between R22 and R410A refrigerant.

What is HVAC refrigerant?

Air conditioners and heat pumps use refrigerant to keep your home cool. Unlike furnaces, they don’t burn gas fuel in order to provide comfort for your home. Instead, refrigerant is used to force warm air out of the home (or into the home with a heat pump during winter). Refrigerant doesn’t get consumed like gas, but it can leak from the unit. When this happens, you’ll need a refrigerant recharge.

R22 refrigerant in Charlotte, NC

For many years, R22 was the golden standard when it came to HVAC refrigerant. Commonly referred to as “Freon”, R22 was found in most residential cooling systems. However, R22 was found to be harmful to the environment, and eventually it was banned from production. Because of this, R22 supplies are becoming increasingly scarce, and therefore expensive.

R410A refrigerant benefits

While homeowners who use R22 struggle to find affordable supplies, R410A production is in full swing. R410A is environmentally friendly, efficient and available for use in new air conditioners. If you’re interested in lower energy bills and better comfort, it’s time to switch to R410A.

Air conditioner replacement from Air Today

So how do you transition from R22 to R410A? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as switching one refrigerant for the other. Older R22 systems can’t use R410A; they have to undergo an extensive and costly conversion process. The far quicker and more cost-effective way to use R410A is to upgrade to a new air conditioner. The initial investment will soon be offset by your savings on energy bills and repair costs compared to your older A/C unit!

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