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Being left without cooling on a hot day is a nightmare for any homeowner. When your AC unit isn’t working properly, quality air conditioning repairs are necessary to put your system back in business. Contact Air Today Heating & Air Conditioning for quick, quality AC repair services.

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AC Repair: Protect Your Equipment

Signs to watch for:

  • Decreased performance
  • Higher energy bills
  • Poor airflow
  • Lack of cooling

Air conditioning repair does more than solve your current problem. Repairing air conditioner issues early can prevent further damage to your system. The longer certain issues go undiagnosed and unrepaired, the more problems they can cause. The resulting extensive damage can lead to much higher repair costs or even the need to replace your system if the damage is beyond repair or if the extent of needed repairs is no longer cost-effective.

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Air Conditioner Replacement

Air Today Heating & Air Conditioning provides quality installation services for your new AC unit in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas. Our technicians are here to answer all your questions, providing the guidance you need to choose a new air conditioner that’s right for you. Our quality air conditioning installation services make sure your new air conditioner performs optimally to keep your home comfortable even on the hottest days.

When to Replace Your Cooling System

Replacing your air conditioner is a big move for homeowners, as it requires a significant investment and careful decision making. Knowing when to replace your air conditioner can help you be more comfortable with the process, giving you time to prepare and investigate your options. Below are a few scenarios where air conditioner replacement can be the best choice:

  • Your air conditioner is 10 years or older. At this point, your equipment is nearing the end of its service life, and it’s time to begin exploring your options.
  • Your air conditioner needs frequent repairs. Frequent problems can be a sign of more to come, plus you may decide that growing repair costs would be better invested in a new system.
  • You’re experiencing higher energy costs. Whether it’s due to utility price hikes or loss of efficiency from your current system, replacing with a higher efficiency air conditioner can help you combat those costs.
  • Your air conditioning is out of warranty and uses R-22 refrigerant. The Federal phase-out of the refrigerant, R-22 in favor of environmentally friendly alternatives like R-410A means that the cost of R-22 will rise as it becomes scarce. Replacement of R-22 equipment and components will be difficult and costly at best, especially if they are no longer covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

How Is Your Home’s Air Quality?

Air quality is easy to overlook because it’s sometimes hard to tell if you have a problem. Some contaminants you can see, such as dust and pet hair, while others are microscopic. Breathing in contaminants each day can cause health problems, ranging from minor to serious. The quality of the air you breathe can also have an effect on your home itself. Taking steps to improve your indoor air quality can make for a happier, healthier home.

Maintenance Is A Must!

Did you know professional maintenance is recommended by your manufacturer? It may also be required under many home and manufacturer warranties. Air conditioner maintenance helps ensure your system is in good working condition, maximizes efficiency, and may also protect your air conditioner from unnecessary damage. Air conditioner maintenance should be performed annually, preferably before the start of cooling season to ensure your air conditioner is in shape to cool your home in the coming months.

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