Improve Indoor Air Quality In Your
Home Or Office – Phenomenal Aire
Charlotte, NC

How Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Works

1 – Install Phenomenal Aire

For a residence or commercial space, have a certified professional install Phenomenal Aire into your existing HVAC system. (It’s a quick, easy process.)

2 – Create Billions of Ions

Create positive and negative ions. Our Needlepoint Clusters generate anywhere from 3 billion to 16.7 billion ions at the unit every second.

3 – Distribute into the Living or Occupied Space

Using your HVAC airstream as a distribution system, these ions are pushed into the living or occupied space, where they can begin to effectively clean your air.

4 – Neutralize Viruses, Bacteria, and Fungus

Third party studies have shown that ions generated by Phenomenal Aire™ can have an anti-microbial effect on certain viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Third-Party Testing

5 – Reduce Dust, Pollen, Dander, and Other Air Pollutants

As particles come in contact with ions, they become charged and attach to particles of opposite polarity. This is known as “agglomeration.” As these particles become larger, they drop out of suspension or they’re more easily captured in your existing HVAC filter.

6 – Clear Up Odors and Smoke

Odors and smoke can consist of fine particles and gasses. As gasses come into contact with airborne particles and particles come into contact with ions, the agglomeration of these particles reduce odors and smoke.