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Benefits of Installing a Ductless Mini-Split in Your Charlotte Home Supported By An HVAC System

At the core, a ductless mini-split system is still an air conditioner. Ductless systems use the same cooling cycle as any standard air conditioner or heat pump, with refrigerant chemicals carrying heat out of your home to cool the indoor air. However, they have several key advantages over other air conditioners:

  • Variable-Speed Technology: Most air conditioners have compressors that can only run at one or two speeds, which is why they have to constantly cycle on and off. Ductless air conditioners use state-of-the-art variable-speed compressor technology to precisely match your home’s cooling needs in real-time. That means they can run continuously, maintaining a very consistent temperature and improving energy efficiency.
  • Direct Cooling: Central air conditioners can lose up to a third of their cooling power to leaks in the duct system itself. Because ductless units sidestep the ducts entirely, they can deliver much more efficient cooling.

Thanks to those advantages, ductless air conditioners, and heat pumps offer vastly superior energy efficiency. In addition, ductless systems are small, compact, and sit high on your walls, keeping them out of the way.

They also run almost silently with our air conditioning systems. Their sleek, modern design blends in well with most homes’ decor.

Upgrade to Ductless Mini-Split System With Air Today

You’ll save plenty in the long-term with a ductless system, but the initial setup is a significant investment. We have extensive experience installing ductless systems and know how to make sure you have the right unit to meet your home’s cooling needs.

Our service experts understand the manufacturer’s specifications and work hard to make sure every ductless system we install meets or exceeds them.

Charlotte’s Ductless Air Conditioning System Experts

Not all HVAC companies have the experience and credentials needed to install and service ductless systems. When you’re ready to upgrade to the best the HVAC industry has to offer, you can trust Air Today’s ductless service experts to find the right system for you.

We’ve built a strong reputation throughout the Charlotte area for excellent residential and light commercial HVAC services.

When you’re ready to upgrade to ductless or need service for your existing ductless system in Charlotte, Rock Hill, Gastonia, Monroe, Mooresville, Waxhaw, Weddington, or the surrounding areas in North and South Carolina, Air Today can help.

Contact one of our comfort advisors to learn more about this energy-efficient technology.