Are you looking for a reliable HVAC company that can be there anytime you need?  At Air Today we know that problems with your air conditioning or heating system can be stressful. That’s why we offer a wide range of HVAC services including repair, maintenance, and installation. With competitive prices, you won’t have to search for the best deal, we’ve got it! We pride ourselves on being transparent with our service costs so you never have to worry about being blindsided by the bill. Our staff is honest, and will never suggest repairs or services that you don’t need. Don’t put your family’s comfort on the line, call Air Today and speak with one of our professional service technicians about the services we can offer you. 

Air Today offers “call today, fix today” services for those times when you find yourself in an emergency situation. When the unpredictable happens, you never want to leave it for too long without a solution. The experts at Air Today can be called on whenever you experience the unexpected. From furnace repairs, to air conditioning services, our trained technicians can do it all. 


Do you know just how long your heating and cooling system is supposed to last? About 10 to 15 years is the average, but may not standard across the board. There are many factors that play into how long a system will last. Newer technologies have a leg up on older models and will typically last longer; it is also much harder to service older models. No matter the age of the system, professional maintenance will help to enhance the unit’s lifespan. 

If you are trying to determine if you need to have your current HVAC system replaced the two factors you should consider are the unit’s age, and previous history. As stated earlier, heating and cooling systems are only meant to last about 15 years. If your current system is getting up there in age, it may be best to consider a replacement. Another factor to think about is the system’s history. A system that has had multiple repairs may have run its course; oftentimes from a financial standpoint, it would be more cost effective to invest in a new system rather than continuing to pay for multiple repairs. It can be a stressful decision whether or not to repair or replace, but the professionals at Air Today can help relieve that stress. We can offer suggestions as to whether we believe you should replace or repair, and if you choose to replace, we can provide the best options for your Pineville home or business. 

Give us a call today to ask us questions about your current system needs and allow us to see what we can do for you. Let us show you why we offer the best heating and air conditioning services in Pineville, North Carolina. Call us today at (704) 553-9884.