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The need for furnace and heating repair can come at an inconvenient time, causing discomfort and worry. If you find yourself in need of furnace and heating repair, call the trusted team at Air Today Heating & Air Conditioning. We’re here to fix your furnace and heating problems sooner, to keep you comfortable day and night.

At Air Today Heating & Air Conditioning, our motto is “For Comfort Tonight, Call Air Today.”

Furnace and Heating Repair

Warning Signs:

  • Your furnace or heating system is cycling on and off more frequently
  • Your furnace or heating system is running longer than usual to produce the same temperature levels
  • The heat coming from your registers isn’t as warm or isn’t warm at all
  • You’re experiencing uneven temperatures throughout your home
  • Your heating bills are higher than last year, without an increase in utility prices

The need for furnace and heating repair can come at an inconvenient time, causing discomfort and worry. If you find yourself in need of furnace and heating repair, call the trusted team at Air Today Heating & Air Conditioning. We’re here to fix your furnace and heating problems sooner, to keep you comfortable day and night. While some furnace and heating problems pop up unexpectedly, often, the warning signs have been present for a while. Calling when you experience the first signs of trouble can keep you from being without heat when it’s most inconvenient.

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Heat Pump & Furnace Installations

Keep your Charlotte, NC home nice and toasty, winter after winter, with a new heating and furnace installation from Air Today Heating & Air Conditioning. We offer top-quality furnaces and heating units, backed by reliable installation you can count on. When choosing a new furnace or heating system, a few factors you’ll want to consider include the following:

Type of system. Do you want a gas fueled furnace or would you prefer an electric powered heat pump? Or dual fuel heating?
Efficiency. The efficiency of the new system you choose will impact your initial investment as well as your ongoing operational costs.
Size. Choosing a system sized appropriately for your home will provide the comfort you need effectively and efficiently.

When to Replace Your Cooling System

One of the biggest considerations in furnace and heating replacement is when to do it. If you’re thinking about replacing your current furnace or heating system, below are a few factors which can help you decide when it’s time:

  • Your furnace or heating system is approaching 10 years of age or is beyond that mark. At this point, the end of your system’s service life is likely nearing. Explore your options now to be prepared for replacement.
  • Your furnace or heating system needs constant repairs. These systems experience more repair needs toward the end of their service lives. Replacing the system when repair needs become frequent can be the smartest investment for your family.
  • Your heating expenses are rising. This can be caused by decreasing efficiency over the life of your equipment or even utility price increases. Choosing the more efficient equipment of today will lower your operating costs.

How Is Your Home’s Air Quality?

Air quality is easy to overlook because it’s sometimes hard to tell if you have a problem. Some contaminants you can see, such as dust and pet hair, while others are microscopic. Breathing in contaminants each day can cause health problems, ranging from minor to serious. The quality of the air you breathe can also have an effect on your home itself. Taking steps to improve your indoor air quality can make for a happier, healthier home.

Maintenance Is A Must!

Furnace and heating maintenance should never be overlooked. Air Today Heating & Air Conditioning provides reliable furnace and heating maintenance services to help homeowners protect their systems,as well as their home comfort and safety throughout the colder seasons. In fact, it’s actually recommended by equipment manufacturers and sometimes required to keep warranties in force. Like your vehicle, your furnace and heat pump needs regular maintenance to avoid inconvenient breakdowns.

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