5 Tips to Lower Air Conditioning Costs
in Charlotte, NC

Looking for ways to lower air conditioning costs this spring and summer? Read on for five tips from Air Today to cut back on your energy bills.

Change air filters

This is the cardinal rule of proper HVAC maintenance, and an essential step to lowering air conditioning costs. Clean air filters allow air to pass through freely, providing efficient airflow that doesn’t overwork the unit. Change your filters at least once a month for lower energy bills.

Close blinds and shutters

Sunlight can raise the temperature of your home several degrees, forcing you to blast the A/C in order to keep cool. This will cause your energy bills to skyrocket in the spring and summer. Close window blinds and shutters so your home naturally stays cooler.

Run ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are an easy and low-cost way to make a room instantly cooler. Run your ceiling fans in the forward, or counter-clockwise, setting to create a cooling effect. But be sure to turn them off once you’ve left the room, otherwise, you’ll just be wasting energy.

Upgrade to a smart thermostat

Ceiling fans are an easy and low-cost way to make a room instantly cooler. Run your ceiling fans in the If you read our last blog, you know that a smart or programmable thermostat can have multiple benefits for your home. In particular, HVAC zoning allows for maximum comfort and efficiency from your air conditioner. Call us today to find out more about smart thermostats.

Lower air conditioning costs with HVAC maintenance from Air Today

There are many ways you can make your home more energy-efficient to save on utility bills. However, there’s no better way to lower air conditioning costs than scheduling regular HVAC maintenance. Professional inspections and servicing from Air Today will ensure your equipment is in peak condition, reducing the likelihood of costly repairs or replacement. In addition, maintenance keeps your A/C unit efficient, giving you affordable comfort this spring and summer.

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