Choosing The Best HVAC For Charlotte’s Temperatures

Charlotte, North Carolina is one of North America’s humid subtropical weather conditions states.

Because of the warmer and more humid weather, the need for durable and affordable ventilation systems is a necessity for Charlotte’s citizens’ homes. 

Experts have highlighted that heat waves are only going to become more intense during the summer and that winters are getting warmer, due to issues escalating in Climate Change in the region of Charlotte. 

This means your choice in your home’s HVAC system is crucial to helping keep climate control in your Charlotte home regulated for your family’s most comfortable living conditions. 

Different HVAC Systems to Consider:

There are four main systems that can be considered when looking into buying your home’s new HVAC system. 

These include: 

1. Standard Split System:

A split system is one with one component outside and one inside. 

Its flexibility in configuration due to its heating and cooling system configuration, makes it arguably the most popular HVAC system in residential homes 

A split system has the greatest range of options and is the most affordable.

2. Ductless Split System:

Ductless Split Systems consist of a singular AC unit that is placed on top of a wall in your chosen room. 

These are mostly popular amongst converted spaces and homes and offices with no ductwork. 

This is suitable for homes and offices where different individuals prefer different climate control temperatures as each unit can be regulated to its own desired temperature. 

They are easy to install and are often very quiet. They are also excellent in energy efficiency. 

However, they are not very cost efficient in comparison to the standard split system.

3. Packaged Systems:

This is often most suitable for bigger unit blocks and more commercial spaces. 

Packaged systems are often quieter due to the majority of its components being installed outside, with a packaged cabinet being installed inside to produce the necessary heating or cooling for your space. 

There are three options that can be considered when installing a packaged system (Electric/Gas, Heat pump and hybrid), making it suitable to different establishments. 

These can be easier to maintain due to the majority of its components being outside, it makes cleaning the unit easier and more straightforward. 

4. Hybrid Systems: 

Hybrid Systems can be considered as advanced versions of a split system.

It takes the air from outside, absorbs it through its heater/cooler and creates the desired temperature for your space. 

These are considered to be the most energy efficient and the most cost efficient. 

It is made up of both an electric heat pump as well as a gas furnace. It alternates between using the two depending on the season and temperature. 

Taking into consideration your families needs and lifestyle choices is crucial to your choice in your next HVAC system. 

The temperature of your space is an important aspect to building your family a comfortable home and one that shouldn’t be brushed over.