HVAC TipsFor Reducing Your Energy

Tips For Reducing Your HVAC Energy Bill

Everyone needs to have there HVAC, air and cooling system My Air Today checked from time to time. When the cold or really hot weather hit you want your system running right. It is important to be careful when choosing an HVAC repair company to service your air conditioner.
A good HVAC repair company will change your filters and check them.
The information below on our page will assist all homeowners, building owners and building operators to make informed decisions about their current or future HVAC system. Whilst helping you save money on your energy bills.

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Here are our top 10 tips for your HVAC system and reducing your energy bill:

  1. Insulate- insulating your home will ensure your system is not working any harder than needs be. If air leaks from the inside out your HVAC system will need to work harder. Saving on your air conditioner bill can be as simple as insulating your home correctly.
  2. Seal up air leaks – when you find those leaks it is very important to seal them up correctly. Air leaks are normal, once found and fixed your air conditioner will work a lot less hard. This is the most common problem with HVAC systems and high energy bills.
  3. Use shades wherever possible – some homes are in a very sunny area or have no shade. Create shade whenever possible plant some trees, purchase some blinds, etc. Don’t let the greenhouse effect be the reason you are spending too much.
  4. Turn the temperature down a touch – by adjusting your HVAC system by 2 degrees can save your electricity bill massively. Ask yourself do I really need it to be that cold or hot? Many homeowners are guilty of running their HVAC systems either too hot or cold. Running the system at either extreme will most certainly see an increase in your energy bill.
  5. Change the filters regularly – if your HVAC system filters are blocked the system will be working hard and also using more energy than needed. By cleaning and replacing the filters regularly you will see a massive difference in your energy bill.

In order to really save we recommend swopping old HVAC systems to a new system. As technology advances the power usage of systems has reduced massively. Old HVAC systems are much more expensive to run than new HVAC systems.
It is estimated that roughly 30%-40% of your electricity bill comes from your HVAC systems in USA households. By reducing your bill you are saving the environment and helping your air conditioner to last longer.
Try to find a highly-qualified contractor you trust. If you are the homeowner or medium, small commercial building owner, find a good HVAC company or mechanic to evaluate and maintain your system.

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