Maintenance Of Your HVAC System Improves Its Lifespan

The more upkeep you give heating, ventilation, and air conditioners, the better chance you have of your HVAC system lasting years without any issues, or even needing to replace the unit. 

There are four simple things you can do as a homeowner in Charlotte, NC, to ensure that you are doing your best to maintain your HVAC system: 

1. Keep the overall unit/system clean:

This is a very simple day-to-day task and can be done with the regular cleaning of your household. 

This can be done by simply:

Cleaning and dusting your blowers 

Keeping the unit dusted and clean so that nothing can interfere with the overall function of the system. 

2. Check and change the Filter:

This is a common issue when an HVAC system needs to be repaired. 

Changing the filter to your system is often straightforward and one of the more simpler ways to improve your HVAC systems air efficiency. 

Upkeep of the filter is a small thing you can do to help maintain the lifespan of your HVAC system, and can reduce the need for regular repairs. 

To clean your filter it must be done monthly 

If it isn’t dirty or clogged, give it a good rinse and allow it to air dry. 

Changing your filter must be done every three months. 

Check it monthly just to keep an eye on it, often if you have pets the filter can get dirtier quicker and may need to be changed earlier than your three month mark. 

This should only be changed earlier if it looks especially dirty. 

If so, change it immediately as it can affect the quality of your home’s air. 

3. Regular maintenance check-ups with a professional:

This can be an annual visit from your HVAC professional. 

This is meant to be done to ensure that your HVAC system doesn’t break down at peak times of the year, like during the summer time

They will come in and check the overall efficiency of your HVAC system. 

Their job is to ensure that it is operating at its most optimum performance. 

Your HVAC professional will often:

Ensure the fan is working correctly 

Clean Coils 

Check and/or change the air filters 

Clean the Drain Lines 

Check the Refrigerant 

Check for leaks in the heat exchanger

You may also note, you can keep up with things like changing and checking your filter, keeping your coils and drain lines clean.

Your maintenance professional will be able to give it the thorough clean it may need in the annual HVAC check up. 

4. Keeping the outdoor unit clean and maintained:

Check for Debris 

Keep the coils clean as they can gather dirty particles and can become clogged. 

Often sticks, branches, leaves may get stuck in the unit. Be mindful of this as they can interfere with the running of the fan. 

Keep regularly monitoring the unit, ensuring that any vegetation and other branches and leaves are trimmed and out of the way of the unit to keep it running at its most optimum efficiency.

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