Shutting Down Your Boiler For Charlotte’s Summer

Some HVAC systems allow you to shut down the boiler when you are not using the heating.

When you are not using the heating during the warmer months of the year shutting down the boiler is simple.

4 Things To Know Before Shutting Down Your Boiler

Boilers Use A Pilot Light

Modern System Standby Technology

Some Boilers Control Hot Water For The Entire House

Boilers Need To Run For A Few Minutes A Month

Before shutting down your boiler there are 4 things you need to know. Not following the above can see some major problems later on.

If you are not sure if you are able to turn off your boiler in summer or when not using the heating, call MyAirToday.

Boilers Use A Pilot Light

Is it a good idea to shut off the pilot light? This really depends on how old your system is!

If you do have an older system and decide to shut it off. Remember that all boilers need to run once every 3-4 weeks so the boiler does not cease up.

Modern Systems Standby Technology

Modern boilers have an electronic ignition system that automatically turns the boiler on and off depending on use.

The flame will still burn and consume gas but at a much lesser rate than older systems.

If you are looking to maximize energy reduction you can still turn it off completely.

If you’re unsure how to turn the automatic electronic system off get in touch with MyAirToday.

Boilers That Control Hot Water Of The Whole House

Some boilers on HVAC units may control the water temperature of your showers, taps, and baths.

It is important to know if your whole house is connected to the boiler of your HVAC system. If the boiler does control all the water temperatures.

Turning off the boiler during summer may make the home’s water go cold.

If you are unsure if this is the case we highly recommend getting the help of an expert HVAC technician.

Boilers Need To Run For A Few Minutes A Month

If you shut the boiler down during the summer months one needs to remember to fire it up every few weeks.

Most boilers will cease up and stop working after 3-4 weeks of not being run.

This makes a strong case not to turn the boiler off manually, especially on new units with electronic ignition.

However, if your system is old it may be worth saving on your energy bill to turn the boiler off during summer months.

Saving Money On Energy Bills By Turning Off The Boiler?

It is a common question we are asked and the answer is not always the same.

Yes, it will save some amount of money on your energy bill.

However, forgetting to turn it back on will always see the boiler clog up, cease and need replacing should you forget to turn it back on.

Having your boiler repaired is not cheap.