5 Important Questions To Ask Your HVAC Technician

HVAC system repairs or replacements are not cheap so it is important to qualify that you are getting value for your money.

When employing a new HVAC technician there are some important questions to ask.

The 5 Most Important Questions To Ask

There are many important questions to ask before work is started on your HVAC unit we have narrowed our list down to the top five.

Here are our 5 top questions to ask your HVAC technician:

  1. Do You Provide A Detailed Written Estimate?
  2. Are You Fully Licensed?
  3. Are You NATE Certified?
  4. What Are Your Financing Programs?
  5. Do You Follow Manual I Standards?

Whether purchasing new equipment or having your system repaired it is important to ask the right questions.

HVAC systems are known to be expensive and not having the right system or regular maintenance can see high energy bills and repair costs.

It is important to find a company you can trust to be your regular HVAC go to company.

When you ask these questions you are speaking the language that HVAC technicians understand.

A Detailed Written Estimate

A detailed written estimate is not a quote over the phone or a number written on the back of a business card.

A detailed written estimate should include the scope of work, the parts that will be replaced, the exact cost, and any potential problems that might not be priced into the estimate.

Asking for this prior will protect you from any attempts in up-selling or unwanted surprises.

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Are You Fully Licensed?

Most HVAC technicians will appreciate this question if they are fully insured, bonded, and licensed.

This is what sets an expert contractor apart from the amateurs.

Having insurance assures any damage caused will be looked after by the insurance company.

The HVAC technician is fully licensed means they have done all the required training and are recognized by the authorities as being a real and qualified operator.

Are You NATE Certified?

The HVAC industry is constantly changing. One way for contractors to keep up with the changes is regular training with NATE.

NATE stands for National America Technical Excellence. The institute is independent and is industry recognized for providing the best training available for HVAC technicians.

All members will carry a NATE-certified card.

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Financing Options

A lot of people do not consider financing their HVAC system.

It can be beneficial for a lot of people to pay over a longer period of time than all in one go.

When new technology is released to the market it can also make sense to upgrade your system. Modern systems can provide energy savings or extra features that have been released.

Depending on the age of your system you can usually upgrade and roll the amount owed on your old system into the finance contract.

This suits business the most, but if you are a homeowner this option may suit you as well.

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Do You Follow Manual J Standards?

Manual J is a well-known industry-wide standard from the ACCA (Air-Conditioning Contractors of America).

By asking this specific question it shows the contractor you have done your research.

It also displays you have some knowledge and won’t be putting up with second-rate craftsmanship.

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