Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning Units

Investing in an Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning Unit sees a reduction in energy consumption and also helps you reduce your carbon footprint. A greener future has an association with costing more, however, Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning Units are about the same price as regular units.

Increased awareness from the green movement has pushed manufacturers to build air conditioning units that use less energy and a by-product has been that the units last longer and have fewer breakdowns.

How Eco-Friendly Air Conditioners Work

Eco-Friendly Air Conditioners’ main point of difference is that they require far less energy to operate the pumping system. This in turn reduces your energy bill and also conserves cool air for reuse later.

Another point of difference that is often overlooked is the reliability of these systems. Due to having to work as hard they break down far less and require a lot less maintenance.

Parts are also cheaper as these devices are being massed produced at the moment and encouraged by governments and HVAC companies due to the serious benefit in energy consumption reduction.

The Most Important Features To Look For

Look at the energy star rating! All systems will have a heating star rating and a cooling star rating. Most systems will not score a perfect 5/5 on both.

It is important to take into consideration the weather of where you live. If you live in a cooler climate and will be running your air conditioner for heating the majority of the time. Your energy bill will be less if you order a unit that has 4-5 star rating for heating.

The Size Of The Area That Needs To Be Heated & Cooled

Eco-Friendly Air Conditioners currently are not suitable for large corporate buildings such as high rises or large offices. This being said they are still great for homes of all sizes.

If you are in doubt ask for an onsite inspection to see if an Eco-Friendly system will be the right system for you. A custom solution can often be found.

How Much Electricity Eco-friendly Air Conditioners Save

Using air conditioners to stay cool accounts for approximately 20% of the world’s energy consumption. This is a huge amount of energy with global consumption estimated to be around 25,000 TWH. 20% of this number is consumed by consumers trying to stay cool.

5000 TWH is used by the world in staying cool. Eco-Friendly Air Conditioners are estimated to save 60-70% of the energy required by an AC system.

So it not only makes financial sense it is great for the environment.


Eco-Friendly AC units come with the same warranty normal systems come with. Most air conditioner warranties vary depending on the make. Most companies also have a clause on their warranty pending if was installed by an approved licensed installation expert.


The installation is the same as any AC unit. You will need to have a licensed technician install the device to have the warranty validated should anything go wrong.