HVAC Troubleshooting In Charlotte

HVAC systems are manually set to run at an optimal rate to avoid troubleshooting on a regular basis. Having frequent trouble and breakdowns with your system is not uncommon if the unit has not been optimized correctly.

The technician will set the unit to run at the optimal rate based on two factors.

One is the activities within the room such as people entering and exiting the room and the other is local weather conditions.

Therefore, troubleshooting your HVAC will generally depend on these two factors.

Specific models and makes might do really well in warmer weather conditions and others perform with excellence when it is colder.

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A new unit might be a better option.

Trouble Shooting Checklist

Below we have provided a troubleshooting checklist for both warm and cool weather.

More than likely your HVAC system will experience different problems due to different weather conditions.

Warm Weather Checklist

Check your fan – fans run extra hard during the warmer months.

Replace the air filter – spring can see a lot of trees drop their leaves it is not uncommon to find leaves and debris clogging up your filter now summer is here.

Check the insulation on the coolant line – there is a foam insulant that covers the line have this checked for tears and breakages.

Turn off the furnace humidifier – if there is a furnace humidifier in your system now summer is here it is time to turn it off. If you can’t turn it off it should have a cool position to turn the switch to cool.

Have a scheduled maintenance check – it is always best to get your unit serviced just before summer or in the early summer months. This can see breakdowns reduced by up to 75%.

Cool Weather Checklist

Check the gas is on – it is surprising how often the only thing wrong with the heating is the gas hasn’t been lit or is turned off.

Make sure your furnace door is closed – many systems won’t fire up and work if the furnace door is open.

Check the thermostat for issues – in the cooler winter months, the thermostat is one of the most common causes of breakdowns in the heating unit.

Turn off the AC – in winter the AC does not need to be on.

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Common Problems For Residential HVAC Units

Maintenance not being regular
Dirty Filters
Ignition and Pilot Problems
Malfunctions Of The Thermostat
Wear And Teat Of Mechanical Components
Stange Furnace Noises
Tripped Breakers

Common Problems For Commercial HVAC Units

Blocked Air Filters
Dirty Condensor & Coils
The Blower Does Not Turn Off & Runs Continuously
Water Leaks
The AC is Unplugged
No Cool Air Flowing
The Thermostat Is Out Of Place