The Impact HVAC Units Have On Indoor Air Quality

HVAC units determine the indoor air quality when your heating, ventilation, and air conditioner is running. With people spending more time indoors now than ever. It is important to understand the impact of your HVAC system and the air you breathe.

Below we will explore some tips on how to increase indoor air quality with ease.

Air Filters

If your air filters are old or full of dust it will affect the quality of the indoor air.

Air filters are designed to trap dust and particles and remove them from the air that gets circulated in your home.

If the air filters in your HVAC unit are not replaced regularly the indoor air quality of the area your HVAC unit is treating will be poor.

Humidity Control Systems

Hot and moist air is transferred into the evaporation coils. Failure to do so can see the promotion of bacteria growth from the moisture. 

Resulting in mold growing throughout your home.

When mold and bacteria starts to grow within your home the air can become dangerous to breathe.

Humidity controls play a major role in indoor air quality.

The optimal levels for summer is around 40-50%.

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Air Ventilation

Good air ventilation is a major component of good indoor air quality. HVAC systems help circulate the air inside your home.

This helps to reduce pollutants and harmful bacteria. 

Correct ventilation relies on your HVAC system being the right size and also well-maintained.

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High-level VOCs contribute to sick building syndrome (SBS). Which refers to people getting sick from their building.

Volatile organic compounds are certain chemicals that can be released into the air from various substances.

Your HVAC system plays a major role in removing these chemicals from the air.

Regular maintenance and frequent air filter changing will see your HVAC system remove the VOCs from the air with ease.

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Spotting Air Quality Issues That Originates From The HVAC System

If you are uncertain if the air quality is the result of your HVAC system not running at an optimal rate here are a few things to look out for.

Air Conditioned Spaces Are To Humid

Air conditioning units have two purposes, keeping the air cool and removing the humidity from the air.

If your system is too big the desired temperature is reached too quickly. The humidity is not removed in time.

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Noticeable Variations In Temperature

If you notice differences in temperature in different rooms of your home it may be that your HVAC unit again is oversized.

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Air Is Being Blown At High Speeds

Airspeed affects the temperature you feel when your in a room. If you’r HVAC unit is blowing too much air it may feel uncomfortable.

If you believe the air quality is poor because too much air is being blown call MyAirToday.

Air Ducts Are Blowing Bad Odors

Ventillation plays a major role in air quality. If the ventilation is not set up correctly your HVAC unit may start to produce air that smells foul.

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There are many factors that contribute to low quality air being produced by your HVAC system.

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