How To Know If The Leaking Roof Is Caused By The HVAC Unit

The most frequent calls we receive is in regards to leaking roofs, HVAC systems are most often the cause. 

If the leak is caused by a HVAC unit, it generally is caused by the condensation line.

Why Your HVAC System Is Causing Your Roof To Leak

When an Air Conditioning unit is used, heat is removed from the air and transferred into water.

The water then drops into a pan, then is removed by the condensation line. This line serves to remove the excess water and travels outside the house. The line when clogged can cause leaks throughout the home specifically through the roof.

Causes For Leaking Roofs

1. Incorrect Installation 

2. Excessive Moisture & Condensation

3. Insulation Problems

4. Poor Quality Air Filters

5. High Hummidty Levels

6. Damaged Drain Lines

7. Holes In The Roof Around The HVAC Penetrations

A leaking roof is a significant problem for any homeowners or business owner, being detrimental to the success of ones business. 

A key cause of a leaking roofs are holes within the roof, specifically around the HVAC system, which can further damage drain lines.

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Leaking Roof? Here Is What To Look Out For

1. Incorrect Installation

The incorrect installations of HVAC systems is a frequent problem that HVAC users face. An incorrect installation detrimental where it may cause your roof to leak.

Installation with cracked seams around the HVAC system platform is common. These platforms usually sit around three feet above the roof. 

Exposed ductwork is another common problem associated with incorrect HVAC installations.

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2. Moisture & Condensation

HVAC systems produce moisture and condensation. If the condensation is incorrectly drained off overspill can occur resulting in water leaking through the roof.

Condensation is primarily seen during the summer months. Whilst some condensation is normal, excessive condensation is not. 

Dripping pans, blocked condensation lines and dirty air filters all add up to excessive condensation. Which results in faulty HVAC systems and leaks in ones roof.

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3. Insulation Problems

Insufficient insulation around air conditioning ducts can further result in leaks in your roof.

Different temperatures in different rooms around the house is a clear indication that insulation problems are present.

Poor insulation can cause a moisture build up around the ducts and surrounding areas, eventually this build can cause your roof to leak.

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4. Air Filters

If the air filters of your HVAC system is clogged or dirty the airflow to the evaporator coil will become restricted and blocked. 

This can lead to a build up of condensation which can result in a leak in the system that drips through the roof.

As such, it is important to replace air filters regularly.

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5. High Humidity Levels

Excessive humidity problems occur when your HVAC unit is at a low temperature and can ultimately cause leaks.

These issues specifically arise when hot weather occurs and as water leaks occur as a result of the HVAC system mnot working effectively.

One must also ensure that the HVAC system is not too big or too small.

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6. Damaged Drain Lines

Damged drain lines will eventually lead to your HVAC system being deficient. The damaged lines impacting the HVAC system as it will subsequently leak into your roof most HVAC systems mounted on top of ones roof.

There are two significant causes of damaged drains, the drain pan will fill with water and eventually develop rust.  The rust will then cause the drain pain to develop holes which the water will then leak through.

Alternatively if the condensation drain line becomes blocked or the line splits water this will cause damaged drains and subsequent leaks surrounding the HVAC systems.

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7. Holes In The Roof Around The HVAC Penetrations

When HVAC units are installed on the roof there will be penetration through the roof from the system.

The penetration points need to be sealed so water does not leak through your roof. Failure to seal these points will result in damage to ones roof.

It is a common assumption that when water leaks from the roof near the HVAC system that the unit is faulty.

This is not always the case, often the penetration points, the problem.

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