Summer is still in full effect in Charlotte. And even when fall comes, that doesn’t mean the lingering humidity goes away. Read on to see how you can lower your home’s humidity levels this summer.

Humidity effects on Charlotte homes

Why is it so important to keep indoor humidity levels low? Well, high humidity can have numerous effects on your home. For one, humid air feels warmer than dry air, forcing you to crank the A/C to stay cool. Therefore, a humid home will have higher energy bills. Moisture in the air also encourages the growth of bacteria, dust mites, various allergens, and mold. Mold and mildew can damage your home and cause serious health problems.

Use vents

So how do you lower humidity? Well, you can use your home to your advantage. Use exhaust vents in the bathroom and kitchen when showering or cooking. This will move the moisture out of the home, keeping it cool and comfortable.

Move houseplants outside

Keeping houseplants is a great way to filter toxins and improve indoor air quality. However, they also emit large amounts of moisture into the air. Whenever possible, move your plants outside or to a single room of the house. In addition, don’t water them any more than necessary; too much water is the last thing you need.

Call Air Today to calibrate your HVAC system’s fan speed

HVAC system fan speeds affect home moisture levels. Unfortunately, they’re usually not set correctly during installation. Most manufactures set the fan speed to high, and it’s the installer’s job to balance your airflow. However, many HVAC techs don’t have the necessary expensive calibration meter. Don’t assume any contractor will calibrate your fan speed during regular maintenance. Air Today technicians will calibrate your fan speed so your moisture levels stay low this summer.

Set thermostat to AUTO

Your thermostat has fan settings that determine when the fan is in operation. In the ON setting, the fan will run continuously, even when the condenser is off. This blows moisture from the coil into the air, increasing humidity. Set your fan to AUTO so the fan only blows when the condenser is on.

Install a dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are specifically designed to lower humidity levels. While they won’t cool the air, they remove moisture so your air is drier and more comfortable. A dehumidifier can be a great supplement to an efficient air conditioner.

Along with these tips, HVAC maintenance is crucial in order to keep humidity at bay. Call Air Today to schedule your maintenance in Charlotte!


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