Regular HVAC Maintenance In Charlotte

Regular HVAC maintenance is important for any homeowner. Preventative maintenance is far less expensive than major breakdown repairs.

HVAC breakdowns are common in Charlotte, mainly due to its severe weather conditions being extremely hot in summer and freezing cold in winter.

The heat in the air from summer puts a heavy demand on the system. Then in winter, the cold air can overload the system’s working capacity.

Most of these breakdowns can be prevented by having your HVAC system regularly maintained.

The Main Reasons for HVAC Systems Breakdown

Dirty HVAC filter

The main reason for HVAC systems and AC breakdown is due to a dirty filter. Leaks in the air ducts introduce dirt and particles which get collected by the filters.

Filters are inexpensive and easy to replace. They need to be replaced frequently.

A blocked filter is the main reason AC systems freeze up and stop working. In the warmer months when the systems run for long extended cycles, is when they need replacing the most.

Most filters are designed to last for thirty days. It may be a nuance to replace them regularly. It is far less stressful than having to call your AC technician to come and fix the system.

Regular maintenance ensures your filter is always clean and reduces costly breakdowns.

Thermostat Malfunction

Thermostat Malfunction is the second most common device of the HVAC system to break down if your system is not regularly maintained. Grime and dirt are the main culprits. Dusting the inside cover is a good idea to help preserve the life of your thermostat.

Your thermostat controls your HVAC system outputs. Enabling the air to be set at your desired temperature. Funny enough the main malfunction reported by our technicians is the batteries are dead and need replacing.

When having your HVAC system maintained the technician should always check the thermostat batteries.

Evaporator Coil Issues

The evaporator coil sites are just near your HVAC system furnace inside your home or business.

It absorbs the heat and humidity from inside air and then sends that air outside. This allows it to get easily clogged and dirty. They need to be cleaned by a professional HVAC technician.

It is the third most prone device in your HVAC system to break down should it not be regularly maintained. Also being expensive to replace.

Regular maintenance sees this problem dramatically reduced.

Refrigeration Leaks

Refrigeration leaks are a major cause of HVAC and A/C breakdowns. When they leak they cause the inside to become muggy and humid. Often the whole line may need to be repaired or replaced.

Unmaintained Captor

An unmaintained captor can cost a lot of money to fix, whereas simple HVAC maintenance would have never seen this problem occur.

The captor powers the motor that runs the compressor and fan belts that run the heating and cooling system.

When the captor has not been maintained your energy bills will go up and sometimes the system will stop running completely.

Incompetent HVAC Technicians

When choosing MyAirToday your HVAC system will pass a points check and every part that needs replacing and checking will be done and the report will be sent to our head office.

We have a maintenance system that works and puts you in the best financial position for maintaining your HVAC system.

How Regular Maintenance Saves You Money

Increases energy efficiency
Minimizes costly HVAC repairs
Extends the life of your system
Lower energy bills

If your looking for regular HVAC maintenance we also offer maintenance programs. Call MyAirToday we guarantee our work.