When To Change Your HVAC System In Charlotte

Changing your HVAC system in Charlotte can be an expensive process. You want to be certain your heating, ventilation & air conditioning system really does need replacing and not repairing.

When Is A Good Time?

The Department of Energy recommends changing your HVAC system every 10 years. The basis of this recommendation is having your HVAC system running at peak efficiency reducing energy bills. Also the frequency of how often you have the system repaired.

HVAC systems do not last forever and sometimes frequent repairs can end up being costly and the better financial choice is replacing it.

When your HVAC maintenance repairman is next servicing your system and you are considering replacing it. Make sure to ask when it was made and what year it was installed.

Larger Systems Last Longer

The Department of Energy also says that larger systems can last up to 20-25 years if well maintained. You also need to know the model and make of your system and ask an industry expert how long the system should last.

If your system is constantly breaking down and that is the reason you’re looking to change the HVAC unit here are a few things you need to know:

The main reason for HVAC Systems breakdown:

Clogged Filters
Malfunctioning thermostat
Leaking refrigerant
Blower Motor Issues
Lack Of Maintenance

Is It Time To Replace Your Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning System?

If the five above reasons aren’t your main breakdown reason yes it may be time to replace the system completely. The above reasons are easy fixes and regular maintenance should prevent them from being the reasons for your breakdowns.

Frequent breakdowns are a nuisance, especially in the hotter or cooler months when you want the air temperature of your house to be warm or cool.

High Energy Bills A Sign Its Time To Replace Your System?

Another reason you may be looking to replace your system is high energy bills. If your energy bill is coming in unusually high it might be time to replace your system.
The most common reason your HVAC system is causing your energy bill to be high include:

Dirty Filters
Duct Leaks
Failing Parts
Low Refrigerant
Lack Of Maintenance
Old System
Incorrect installation

Ring MyAirToday and get a free onsite assessment, you may need a new HVAC system. As we said above it is a costly process for Charlotte’s residents and businesses.

You want to be 100% sure it does in fact need replacing. Our Charlotte HVAC contractors are experts and our reputation for being honest and accurate in our assessments of the need for replacement is second to none. We will arrive on time and give you a recommendation you can trust.